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Tiwanaku Tour 1 Day

23 reviews
Tiwanaku Tour 1 Day

Tiwanaku Tour 1 Day

23 reviews


Tour Tiwanaku 1 Day.

Tiwanaku Tour: Get to know the Ancient Ruins that are on the high plateau. Step back in time and learn about the mysteries of the ancient Tiwanaku civilization with our  Tiwanaku Tour 1 Day , a one-day adventure that promises to leave you amazed and enlightened. Located in the high plains of Bolivia, Tiwanaku is a testament to the ingenuity and cultural wealth of pre-Columbian societies.

Discover the discovery with us as we unravel the secrets of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.



The Inca Uyo, Aramu Muru and Tiahuanaco are considered sacred places of worship, full of mysticism and energy. Wonderful landscapes: During the entire route, we will able to contemplate the beauty of the sacred lake of the Incas with impressive views from the Pomata viewpoint, where we will also be able to appreciate the royal mountain range of Bolivia.

Trip Details

Is located 20 km south-eastern shore of Lake Titicaca in La Paz Department in Bolivia, was an important Pre-Columbian archaeological site of Tiwanaku culture, Where are the ruins of the ancient city, known as: Kalasasaya and other important buildings; Puma Punku, Door of the Sun, Monolito Ponce, Keri Cala, Putuni, Laka Kollu, the Akapana pyramid and Wila Pukara, which served as residence to the priestly elite. Many constructions of Tiahuanaco architecture have not been maintained due to the low resistance of the adobe (Mass of mud and straw, molded shaped bricks) against severe weather conditions in the highland region.


Day 1 : Puno Tiahuanaco

We pick up from the hotels at 7:00 am. During the journey we will know different places and their attractions, such as the Inca Uyo fertility temple and the mystical gate of Aramu Muru; We will also have  a brief stop at the natural viewpoint of  pomata, to be able to  see  the beauty of the lake and its splendor.

We will continue to the town of Desaguadero (Peru-Bolivia border), where we will do the migration procedures; Already in Bolivia accompanied by our Bolivian guide, we headed to the final destination TIAHUANACO, where we will have lunch (buffet) and visit the following places: Puma Punku, Sun Gate, Pyramid of Akapana, Stone Museum, Monolith Beneth and Others.

Finally we will return to Puno, where we will arrive at approximately 06:30 pm.


  • Private transfer Puno – Tiahuanaco – Puno
  • Guide Spanish / English.
  • Entrances tickets (Inca Uyo, Aramu Muru and Tiahuanaco).
  • Buffet Lunch at Tiwanaku.

No Included

  • Breakfast.
  • Tips.

What To Bring

  • Carry the Passport and/or Valid Identity Document.
  • Bring clothes for all climates (Cold in the morning) (Warm at noon) (Windy in the afternoon).
  • Caps / Hats, Sunscreen and Sunglasses.
  • Drinks and/or Snacks.
  • Comfortable walking shoes.
  • Cash if you want to buy Souvenirs.




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