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Tour Chavin 1Day

Tour Chavin 1Day

Tour Chavin 1Day

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1- Day Chavin Huantar.

Enjoy with Us this journey through time with our  Tour Chavin 1Day  , a UNESCO World Heritage site nestled in the heart of the Andes Mountains. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of ancient Peru as we explore the archaeological wonders and mystical aura of this pre-Incan civilization. A day tour to Chavín de Huántar offers a captivating blend of archaeological exploration, cultural immersion, and scenic beauty, making it an enriching experience for those interested in unraveling the mysteries of Peru’s ancient past.


  • Chavín Culture: Chavín de Huántar is the epicenter of the Chavín culture, one of the oldest and most significant cultures of ancient Peru, flourishing around 1500 BCE. Its influence extended throughout much of the Andean region.
  • Monumental Architecture: Chavín de Huántar features impressive architectural structures, including temples, plazas, amphitheaters, and underground galleries. The Main Temple stands out for its complexity and precision in design, adorned with stone sculptures and reliefs depicting zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figures.
  • Lanzón de Chavín: One of the most famous sculptures found at Chavín de Huántar is the Lanzón Monolithic, an imposing carved stone stele representing an anthropomorphic figure with feline features. It stands approximately 4.5 meters tall and is believed to have played a central role in Chavín religious ceremonies.
  • Drainage System: Chavín de Huántar is also known for its advanced drainage system, including channels and pipes designed to control rainwater and river overflow surrounding the site.
  • Religious and Cultural Importance: Chavín de Huántar is thought to have been an important religious and ceremonial center where rituals related to agriculture, fertility, and political power took place. The iconography present in sculptures and reliefs suggests the existence of a complex religious belief system.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site: In 1985, Chavín de Huántar was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its exceptional cultural and archaeological value, as well as its influence on the development of other pre-Inca cultures in the Peruvian Andes.



Huaraz - Querococha - Chavin

At 9:00am. departure from huaraz to the valley of conchucos to the millenary temple of chavin de Huantar, during our visit we will pass by andean villages like Recuay, Catac, Pampa de buenos aires. After that we will make a stop at the lagoon Querococha 3980 is located at the foot of the snowy Pucaraju and Ranamarey.

then we will pass through the tunnel of cahuish (4516) to the valley of conchucos then we will pass through the small mining towns like tambillo Machac until we arrive to our destination Chavin. at 13:00 we arrive to Chavin first we will have lunch in a Tourist Restaurant, then we will visit the archaeological monument

Of Chavin de Huantar ,We will know the galleries and the labyrinths, quadrangular and circular attics, the head Clavas, considered guardians of the temple of Chavin. Finally visit the National Museum of Chavin, where the Cabezas Clavas, lapidaries, ceramics and the last findings of Chavin de Huantar are exhibited.
then return to Huaraz.


  • Tourist Transportation
  • Official Tourist Guide
  • Personalized assistance

No Included

  • Entrance ticket to the Archaeological Center
  • lunch
  • Tip
  • Extras


can see the video here.

What To Bring

  • Light clothing, warm clothing for the afternoon
  • Hat or cap for the Sun
  • Sunglasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Personal medication
  • Raincoat for the rain
  • Hiking shoes or sneakers
  • a bottle of water.

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