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Biking Tour in Colca Canyon – Colca Valley 3 Days

23 reviews
Biking Tour in Colca Canyon – Colca Valley 3 Days

Biking Tour in Colca Canyon – Colca Valley 3 Days

23 reviews


At a depth of 4,160 meters, the Colca Canyon is the deepest canyon in the world, twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the United States, and is the third most visited tourist destination in Peru with 120,000 visitors each year. The Colca Valley gets its name from the mud and stone granaries built into the cliffs or caves, called “colcas”, where pre-Inca cultures stored their crops and seeds.


The area was first inhabited by the Quechua-speaking Cabanas, descendants of the Wari, and the Aymara-speaking Collaguas cultures of the Lake Titicaca region. They built large extensions of agricultural terraces and an irrigation system to irrigate their crops.



Is the Colca Canyon safe?
In terms of security, the Colca Canyon has a controlled tourist infrastructure, with guards and even police. You are more likely to be robbed in any other city in Peru or in your country than in the Colca Canyon.

If you are concerned about your integrity on the trail, you should know that the Colca Canyon is a physically demanding hike and will take you to altitudes of over 4,000 meters above sea level.

Most travelers visiting the Colca Canyon also stay in the town of Chivay, considered one of the safest in the valley, although that doesn’t mean you can walk around with your guard down, as petty crime is unfortunately common throughout Peru.

Pickpockets and robberies are a common occurrence, be on your guard in crowds, as thieves may create distractions to attack you. However, we do not want to scare you by highlighting this, but to show you an unfortunate reality when traveling abroad.

This does not mean that it can happen to you or that you are traveling to a highly unsafe country, on the contrary, they are just precautions. In the event of such an inconvenience, there are government agencies specialized in tourism, which will be ready to assist you in case of any eventuality.

The Tourist Police is another branch of national security that assists foreign travelers, although they are more likely to be found in the larger cities than in the more rural and remote areas of the country.

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