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Humantay Lake Trek 1 Day

Humantay Lake Trek 1 Day

Humantay Lake Trek 1 Day

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Lake Humantay Lake 1 Day,

Join us on a thrilling one-day adventure to the breathtaking Humantay Lake, nestled high in the Peruvian Andes. This trek promises a perfect blend of natural beauty, high-altitude landscapes, and the opportunity to witness the pristine turquoise waters of Humantay Lake Tour, a jewel cradled in the mountaiHumantay 1 Day,

The Humantay Lake Trek 1 Day Tour offers an exhilarating escape into the pristine beauty of the Andes, providing a memorable and immersive experience for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.


  1. Humantay Lake Beauty: Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Humantay Lake, with its pristine turquoise waters set against the backdrop of towering Andean peaks.
  2. High-Altitude Landscapes: Immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes of the Andean highlands, including alpine meadows, rugged trails, and panoramic mountain views.
  3. Expert Guided Exploration: Benefit from the guidance of experienced guides who share knowledge about the region’s geography, flora, and fauna, enhancing your trekking experience.
  4. Photographic Opportunities: Capture the stunning scenes of Humantay Lake and the surrounding landscapes, creating lasting memories of your alpine adventure.
  5. Cultural Interaction: Experience the hospitality of the local communities along the way, gaining insights into their traditions and daily life in the Andean highlands.

Trip Details

  • Early Departure from Cusco: The day begins with an early departure from Cusco, setting the stage for an immersive journey into the Andean highlands. As you travel, enjoy the scenic drive, passing through traditional villages and captivating landscapes.
  •  Scenic Drive to Soraypampa: Arrive at Soraypampa, the starting point of the trek. This scenic drive offers glimpses of the majestic snow-capped peaks that dominate the horizon. Your knowledgeable guide will provide insights into the surrounding geography.
  •  Trekking to Humantay Lake: Embark on a picturesque trek through the high-altitude landscapes, ascending to the stunning Humantay Lake. The trail unfolds with panoramic views of the Andean mountains, creating a sense of anticipation for the turquoise gem that awaits.
  •  Arrival at Humantay Lake: Reach the shores of Humantay Lake, where the pristine turquoise waters are framed by the towering peaks of the Andes. Take a moment to absorb the tranquility of this alpine oasis, surrounded by the beauty of nature.
  •  Leisure and Photography: Enjoy leisure time by the lake, allowing you to appreciate the serenity and capture the mesmerizing beauty of Humantay. The still waters mirror the surrounding peaks, creating a breathtaking scene that invites reflection and relaxation.
  • 6. Picnic Lunch with Mountain Views: Indulge in a picnic lunch with a backdrop of stunning mountain views. This is an ideal moment to recharge and savor the high-altitude tranquility while appreciating the grandeur of the Andean landscapes.
  • 7. Descent to Soraypampa: Begin the descent back to Soraypampa, retracing the trail with new perspectives and a deep sense of fulfillment. The return journey allows for additional appreciation of the Andean scenery.
  •  Return to Cusco: Conclude your Humantay Lake adventure by returning to Cusco, where you can reflect on the day’s experiences and the natural wonders encountered in the high Andes.



This spectacular day begins at 4:30am when your guide will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco. We will drive 4 hours to the trailhead of Soraypampa located in the lush valley of the Apurimac River. Here we will enjoy hot breakfast ,On the trek you are looking directly up to the Salkantay Mountain.

One of Peru’s most sacred mountains, towering 20,600 feet with a sheer and snowy face. The equally impressive Humantay Peak, rising 19,412 feet, is also within view. Shamans and others who follow traditional Andean beliefs, will often give blessing when reaching the crystal-clear waters of Humantay Lake.

Once we reach the lakeshore, we relax, enjoy a snack, go for a swim (if you are brave!) or give thanks to Pachamama (Mother Earth). When you are ready to hike back down, we will descend to Soraypampa and have a hot lunch while enjoying the breathtaking panoramic views of the snowy peaks.

Tired from such a beautiful day, we drive back to Cusco and drop you off at your hotel.


  • Hot breakfast & lunch
  • Private transportation to and from your hotel in Cusco
  • Professional trekking guide fluent in English & Spanish
  • Fees to access private land
  • First aid kit & emergency oxygen tank
  • Small group experience (max 8 guests)

No Included

  • Water: please bring 1 liter per person
  • Tips for guide, driver and cook


Important Information of Humantay Lake Tour,

How to get to the Humantay lake?
You arrive from the city of Cusco, Peru. The International Airport Teniente Alejandro Velasco Astete or better known as Cusco Airport is located in the city of Peru with the greatest tourist attraction. It receives domestic flights and some international flights. It is the second most used airport in Peru,

After Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima. How to get to Humantay Lagoon from Cusco: Humantay Lake 1 Day  is located in the province of Anta, Cusco area. To get there you must leave Cusco very early (around 4 am, so you should go to bed very early to be rested).

When to go to Laguna Humantay? What is the climate like?
The climate of the Humantay Lagoon is generally mild during the dry season (April to November) and rainy with cloudy skies from December to March. Temperatures normally range between 4 C° and 17 C°. The best time to go is between May and November with sunnier days allowing a better reflection of the lake.

Which is better: to go on your own or to take a tour?
The lagoon can be reached on your own or through a tour (either private or group). If you are one of those travelers who prefer to go on your own and manage your own time or avoid the crowds, you can negotiate a fare with a cab that will take you there, wait for you to get in and out and take you back.

Keep in mind that the trip to the start of the trek is approximately 3 hours and that’s where your price haggling skills come in.

Are vaccinations required to visit the Humantay Lake?
To visit the Humantay Lagoon it is not necessary to be vaccinated. If on the same trip you want to go to the Amazon jungle, you must be vaccinated against yellow fever. It is highly recommended to take out travel insurance for Peru to cover medical expenses in case you need it to avoid a mishap ruining your vacation.

What to do in the Humantay Lake?
Trekking: The only way to get to the beautiful lagoon is through a walking trail, which is why it is a very sought after destination for trekking enthusiasts. The hike is quite steep, almost 45 degrees and a bit slippery in some places. Some tourists prefer to go up with a mule but the descent on foot is mandatory.

The start of the hike is at 3870 meters above sea level and you reach 4300 meters above sea level. The first 30 minutes of the hike is semi-flat and the rest is uphill with a steep slope, then winds through a rocky slope and finally descends to a small creek where the cold waters flow, just a few meters away, from the Humantay lagoon.

Because of the rocks on the road, the cold and the altitude, the hike takes an average of an hour and a half, which, depending on your physical condition, can be more or less time. Although it is a demanding hike, it is worth the whole journey and the reward upon reaching the lagoon will be worth it.

What To Bring

  • Bottled water (1 liter is enough)
  • A very good tip is to bring a 1 liter bottle (4 cups) of coca leaves tea: it is very invigorating and at the same time prevents altitude sickness
  • Energetic bars and/or snacks
  • Sunblock
  • Small towel and/or some towel paper
  • Antibacterial hand gel
  • Antibacterial pads, some adhesive bands in case of a mild scratch
  • A few small plastic bag for disposals, etc

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