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Experiencie Waorani 6 Days

23 reviews
Experiencie Waorani 6 Days

Experiencie Waorani 6 Days

23 reviews


The Waorani, who currently number around 2,000, once maintained one of the largest territories of all indigenous Amazonians in Ecuador, within the modern provinces of Orellana, Napo, and Pastaza. They traditionally lived as nomadic hunter-gatherers in small clan settlements. Missionary groups relocated many Waorani families into larger communities with the purpose of converting them to Christianity.


The Waorani are the most recently contacted of all Ecuadorian indigenous peoples, first reached by an American missionary group in 1958. Since first contact, the Waorani have experienced a rapid and difficult insertion into modern society. Their territories have been greatly reduced, and their remaining lands impacted by logging, oil extraction, and colonist settlement, among other issues. Several Waorani groups have thus far rejected contact and continue to move ever deeper into the forest.

Trip Details

  1. Transfer in – First camp
  2. Bameno Community
  3. Hike in the Primary Rainforest
  4. Cultural activity with the Waoranis
  5. Canoe trip and birdwatching
  6. Departure transfer


Day 01 Transfer in - First camp

In the morning at 9am we will meeting point for starting the tour  the Coca City , province of Orellana, with passengers, explanation, brief services and activities.

we have explanation about the activities.

Departure time of  the Coca City  by private car to the bridge of Shiripuno via the Auca the duration is 2 hrs aprox.  then have Lunch in a local restaurant.

Check in at the ministry of the environment, delivery of passport copies, copy of vaccination card, Covid and vaccination certificate of the Covid and yellow fever vaccination certificate. Departure by motor canoe on the Shiripuno River, navigation will last 3 to 4 hours aprox.

During the trip we will observe different species of birds such as Macaws,  parrots, reptiles such as turtles, caimans, and we will enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Amazon jungle.

Arrival to the first camp, where we will sleep in a traditional house of a Waorani family,

Here we will set up our tents to sleep for the first night.

night. Dinner. Departure by canoe

DAY 2. Bameno Community

Breakfast. We will continue our trip by motorized canoe to the community of Bameno, the last Waorani community in the Yasuni National of the Waoranis inside the Yasuni National Park, we go for 8 to 9 hours aprox.  by canoe, we will have stops when you need to go to use the bathroom, on the trip we will observe different species of monkeys such as; spider monkeys, and flying monkeys, squirrel monkeys, capuchin monkeys, chorongo monkeys, and a variety of variety of birds such as curassows, parrots, toucans and more wildlife of the Ecuadorian Amazon, after Lunch We continue our trip by motorized canoe until we reach the Waoranis community. when we Arrival to the community of Bameno, where we will be received with great appreciation by the people, and here we will sleep the second night.

the second night. Dinner and rest.

DAY 3: Hike in the Primary Rainforest.

after Breakfast we will walk through the primary rainforest we will observe peccaries, parrots, macaws, and other species of animals and birds, macaws, and other species of animals and birds.

lunch Piranha fishing in the lagoons, if we are lucky we may see anacondas.

Return to camp. After dinner. At Night we have to walk, 1 hrs. aprox. to observe amphibians such as toads and frogs, luminous insects, grasshoppers and crickets, maybe snakes,


DAY 4: Cultural activity with the Waoranis

Bird watching on the Cononaco River, approximately 2 hours in a motor canoe, where we will be able to observe different species of birds our trip. afther Breakfast we have the Cultural activity, where we will appreciate the customs and traditions of the Waoranis ethnic group.

there  we will be able to acquire their beautiful handicrafts to appreciate them as a souvenir of our trip ,departure by motor canoe approximately 2 hours down river, on the way we will observe exotic landscapes that the Amazon offers, if the river level is high, we will be able to observe pink dolphins, We continue with our trip arriving to a wilder place where we will sleep the fourth night.

night. Lunch.  The next day we departure to the lagoon for fish piranhas and other species of fish back to camp.

DAY 5: Canoe trip and birdwatching

Breakfast. Departure by motor canoe upriver to reach a camping site to sleep the last night.

in the way we will observe a variety of animals in the trip ,afther Lunch we walk through the primary jungle to see different species of animals and return to the canoe. Arrival to a beach where we will camp for the last night. Dinner and bonfire.

DAY 6: Departure transfer

Breakfast  departure by motor canoe to Shiripuno bridge afther Lunch.

Return by private car to Coca for 2 hours.  aprox.

and we end our services.

CAMP 1569


  • Land and river transportation according to itinerary.
  • 05 nights lodging in WAORANI TERRITORY in tents equipped with mattresses, sheets and blankets.
  • mattresses, sheets and blankets.
  • Equipment (rain poncho, rubber boots, life jacket).
  • Complete traditional food.
  • Purified water in bottles.
  • Bi-lingual native guides.

No Included

  • First Breakfast on the day.
  • Entrance fees in different communities $20 per person.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Meals and dinners not mentionet in the program.
  • Tips



  • Reservations subject to availability.
  • Minim the tourist 4 for this program.
  • The order of the itinerary may change due to operational reasons, weather problems or situations
  • Weather problems or situations that put the passenger at risk.
  • Due to the current situation of Covid, passengers will be permanently informed of the requirements for entering Ecuador.
  • Requirements for entry to Ecuador.
  • Consult supplements in case of being less people.
  • 50% payment is required to reserve the tour and the remaining 50% 30 days before the date of the trip.
  • before the travel date.
  • It is important to inform if any tourist has allergies or illnesses, and if they are vegetarian, vegan, vegetarian or vegan.
  • It is important to inform if they are vegetarian, vegan or have any type of special diet.
  • They should carry low denomination bills up to $20 dollars, considering that there are no banks or money exchange houses in these places.
  • There are no banks or exchange houses in those places.


Policies cancellation
120 to 45 days prior to travel date Initial credit penalty
30 to 44 days prior to travel date Penalty of 75% of the program value
0 to 29 days prior to travel date Penalty of 100% of the program value

What To Bring

  • Long sleeve T-shirt 2 or more , Hat
  • Comfortable pants, 2 or more (no jeans) , Plastic bottle
  • Shorts, 2 or more towel
  • T-shirts, 2 or more Original passport or ID card
  • Socks, one pair per day
  • Socks, one pair per day
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Tennis shoes and / or sandals
  • Tennis shoes and / or sandals
  • Sun block  Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen ,Camera * Soap and biodegradable shampoo
  • Soap and biodegradable shampoo * Insect repellent * Bathing suit * Binoculars
  • Bathing suit * Binoculars (optional) * Bags for equipment, clothes, papers, papers, etc. * Waterproof clothes * Sun block * Camera
  • Bags for equipment, clothes, papers, etc.
  • Copy of passport


  • Copy of the yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • Copy of Covid card

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