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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Travel committed to local people


All our services are performed with the prepayment of tours/packages/services agreed, according to duration, season, availability, conditions, etc. (the coordination of payments will be established between the customer and the designated counter / sale operator).
Our customers must pay 100% of the amount in advance; when the conditions occur and in accordance with our counters (personal), our customers can send just the 80% at the time of booking, and the balance (20%) two weeks before the beginning of the tour.


Without exception, we require the final payment of the agreed services at least two weeks before the beginning of the service. Otherwise, the clients may lose some bookings they already paid.


The payments will be made in dollars.

Once our clients decide to book/purchase their tour, they can proceed to make the appropriate payment through one of the following ways:

1) Sending the money via Western Union (our company does not assume the costs of sending the money), notice that Western Union accept also Credit Card Payments, this is the western union site : , please
2) Bank transfer (our company does not cover the cost of sending the money charged by the issuing bank and / or the receiving bank).

Note: any transfer of money should not take more than five days; in case of delay in the arrival of the money, we will not be liable if, because of this reason, any space or reservation in the tours will be lost.


Before reconfirming to our passengers about the availability of places for the tour they wish to do or the package they want to buy, we’ll ask to our agents and / or partners about the availability of spaces, and once assured about that, we will give the green light to the passenger so that they can make the relevant payment.

Our passengers will proceed to transfer the money for the service provided (using the payment methods mentioned above), and they must send us their personal data, such as passport numbers, nationality, age, gender, occupation, food preferences or other important details that they deem necessary to be mentioned (pains, diseases, etc…). For some adventure tours, we’ll ask to know the height and weight of the passengers….

Important: for the entry to the Inca Trail, to the Machu Picchu, as well as for the purchase of train tickets and certain hotel reservations, we’ll ask the passengers to send us their passports scanned. We must verify that, in these scans that the passengers are sending us, personal information could be clearly legible: it is important also in order to check the dates of birth of children.

Once the money is in our banking accounts, we will reconfirm the agreed services to our customers via e-mail, and then we’ll proceed immediately to pay our suppliers for the services purchased by our customers: this is the only way to ensure an optimal development of the agreed service.


Wayra Peru Travel, immediately after the tours paid by our customers are reconfirmed, proceeds to block / book / pay for the required spaces, no matter if they’re hotels, trains, airplanes, guides, transportation, transfers, chauffeurs, entrance to the Inca Trail, etc.. To this aim, in case of cancellation and in accordance with the policies of our partners, refunds will be made as follows:

  • Up to 45 days before the beginning of the tour, we will refund 50% of the amount paid by the passenger;
  • From 44 to 15 days before the beginning of the service, we will refund 25% of the amount paid by the passenger;
  • Within 14 days before the beginning of the service, there will be no refund of the amount paid by the passenger.

NOTE. In the following cases there will be no refund (regardless of the date of cancellation of tour):

  • entrance to the Inca Trail;
  • air tickets;
  • train tickets;
  • entrance to the archaeological sites;
  • reservations of hotels (in some cases they may be scheduled on other date);
  • visits already booked (in some cases these may be scheduled on a later date);
  • transfers (in some cases these may be scheduled on a later date).


The prices presented to the customers are subject to change, depending on variation in the exchange rate of the dollar and on the prices charged by service providers. In this case, if the passenger has already paid the 100% of the tour, Wayra Peru Travel will assume the responsibility for this price increase.

In the event that the passenger has not made any payment or the payment is through, we will not be responsible for the increase in prices, and will only respond about it once the money is in our banking accounts.

If money does not arrive in time to lock seats purchased by passengers, will not be responsible if we lose the availability of the agreed services (in case of flights, hotels, entrances to the Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail, etc.)…. If this happens, we will strain to solve the problem by changing operator, location, tour, etc.. If this change results in additional costs, we’ll charge our passengers with the corresponding price.


Once we have reconfirmed the passenger about his journey, will keep him constantly updated via e-mail about the status of his bookings. We reserve the right to change accommodations, operators, trains, transports, airlines with others similar to those offered to our passengers, for reasons of safety, comfort, availability, etc.

Before the arrival of the passenger, we will proceed to send him by e-mail his confirmed hôtel reservations, as well as the e-tickets for his flights. As regards the delivery of tickets for local tours, buses, trains, etc., these will be given to our customers once they have arrived in the country or in the city of destination, for security reasons (in some cases the customer may lose the tickets, and so his tour and / or booking).


In some cases we will accept changes in dates, participants and / or tours, provided that no payments or reservations have been made related to the services agreed. In this case, the customer must send us an e-mail requesting such changes. In many cases our suppliers will apply penalties for this service.


Passengers must be sure to meet the requirements for their journey, such as visas, passports, vaccinations, authorizations relevant to minors, etc., because, as a result of these reasons, they could lose their journey or the international flight.
In case of total cancellation of the trip at the last minute, we will not offer any refund.


WAYRA PERU TRAVEL reserves the right to modify, alter, and delete the itinerary of any trip for safety reasons as natural phenomena, political issues, epidemics and / or circumstances outside of our organization. In these cases there will be no refund by our society.

In addition, we reserve the right to limit the participation of someone(s) of our passengers to certain activities, if we deem it necessary, and this for reasons of safety of the group, such as in the following cases:

  • we can not admit a sick passenger on a tour involving a potential risk for the same passenger and for the integrity of the group (this can be also considered by the guide when the tour begins);
  • we can not admit drunk passengers or in a dangerous condition threatening the development of the tour, and the health of the group and of these same passengers.


The private services are closed services, agreed with our passengers who want to be the only participants in the service. This service is usually more expensive than the group service, as it often has few participants.


Group services are ones open to all tourists who wish to participate in the same activity of our passengers, who will share with them the same agreed services. This means that there are more passengers in the same group, and these passengers may be: free passengers, our partners’ ones or coming from other travel agencies.

When our passengers participate in a tour in group service, in some cases they can find differences in price with other participants at the same tour or service (upper or lower prices). This may be due to: last minute bookings, special offers, promotions 2×1, group discounts, discounts to institutions, competitions, etc.. In these cases, no refunds will be considered.


Our passengers can change their participation in our travels, as long as possible (on the base of the conversations with our counters). In this case the customer has to bear the administrative and organizational costs that this entails. It is important to note that many services, such as air travels, the entrance to the Inca Trail, etc., are not transferable.


The passengers who are minors must necessarily be accompanied by their parents. It is understood that the passengers are in a good physical / mental situation for they participate in our activities.

Our participants are required to respect the local laws of the country where they are, otherwise we reserve the right to exclude them from the travel contract, and this case will be considered as a last minute cancellation.

Passengers who will implement activities in rivers, lakes and seas should indicate us whether they can swim or not: this does not mean they will not participate in such activities, but only that we will adopt the necessary measures for the safety of these passengers.


If passengers have any complaints to be submitted during the development of one of our tours, they are obliged to make it known to the group leader or to the guide of the group, who will look for an immediate solution to the problem. If the problem is not solved on stage, the passenger is required to inform us about the complaint as soon as possible. To do this, we provide phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the staff’s members in charge for monitoring their tour, as well as the central e-mail address:

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