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Hike to Inti Punku from Ollantaytambo

23 reviews
Hike to Inti Punku from Ollantaytambo

Hike to Inti Punku from Ollantaytambo

23 reviews


The trek to Inti Punku from Ollantaytambo offers a captivating adventure through the stunning landscapes of the Peruvian Andes. Inti Punku, meaning “Sun Gate” in Quechua, holds historical significance as an ancient ceremonial site and serves as a breathtaking vantage point overlooking the Sacred Valley. This hike not only provides a physical challenge but also a cultural and historical immersion into the heart of the Inca civilization.The hike to Inti Punku from Ollantaytambo is a harmonious blend of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and historical revelation. It stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Inca civilization and offers trekkers an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Peru.



  • Starting Point – Ollantaytambo: The journey commences in Ollantaytambo, a charming town known for its well-preserved Inca ruins. Participants can explore the archaeological site before embarking on the trek, gaining insights into the rich history of the region.
  • Ascending through Scenic Landscapes: As the trail winds its way up the Andean slopes, hikers are treated to panoramic views of the Sacred Valley and its picturesque villages. The diverse flora and fauna add to the allure, creating a sensory-rich experience.
  • Inca Terraces and Ruins: Along the ascent, the trail passes through ancient Inca terraces and ruins. These archaeological gems provide hikers with glimpses into the agricultural and architectural prowess of the Inca civilization.
  • Cultural Encounters: The hike offers opportunities to interact with local communities, providing a chance to learn about their traditional farming practices and way of life. This cultural exchange enhances the overall trekking experience.
  • Reaching Inti Punku: The climax of the journey is the arrival at Inti Punku, perched at a high elevation. The site is revered for its connection to the winter solstice, during which the sun aligns with the gateway, illuminating the path with a celestial glow.
  • Breathtaking Views of Machu Picchu: From Inti Punku, hikers are treated to a spectacular view of Machu Picchu. This unique perspective showcases the iconic Inca citadel in all its glory, surrounded by lush greenery and rugged terrain.
  • Return Journey: The descent back to Ollantaytambo allows for reflection on the day’s adventures. Hikers can savor the memories and appreciate the accomplishment of reaching Inti Punku.

Trip Details

  • Distance: 9 km
  • Altitude : 4,000 m.a.s.l.
  • Duration: The hike typically takes a full day, with variations depending on the pace of the group.
  • Fitness Level: Moderate to challenging, suitable for those with a reasonable level of fitness.
  • Best Time to Visit: The dry season (April to October) offers the most favorable weather conditions.


Cusco - Ollantaytambo - Hike to Inti Punku

For this Ollantaytambo Tour, we will start very early because it is located more than 9KM away from the town of Ollanta, at a high altitude of 4,000 m.a.s.l. in the summit of the high mountain range.

This trekking to the Sun Gate of Ollantaytambo, is unique because you will know an attraction almost similar to the Sun Gate of Machu Picchu, but unlike this route has a spectacular view of the incredible snowy, La Veronica which is at an altitude of 5,894 meters above sea level.
In this trekking excursion from Ollantaytambo to Inti Punku, we will also visit the stone quarry of Cachiccata, where there are stones carved at 50%, Cachiccata was the specific place of acquisition of stones for the construction of the same Llaqta and ruins of Ollantaytambo.
For this adventure we have two options of routes:
The Second Route to Intipunku is the beginning by the village of Cachiccata, where we will also visit the Quarries of the Incas; the trekking to the place is 3 hours one way and 2:30 hours of return by the same place.
You decide which of the routes to go and enjoy this sport of trekking to the attraction of the pre-Inca culture that is located at the top of the mountain, with fascinating viewpoints and landscapes of the Sacred Valley.


  • Group & Private
  • Spanish & English Tour Guide
  • Pick up from your Hotel
  • Box Lunch, Entrance Tickets
  • Tickets
  • Transfer from Cusco to Ollantaytambo and from Ollanta to Cusco

What To Bring

  • Trekking Shoes
  • Comfortable Clothes for Trekking
  • Trekking Poles
  • Cap or hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain Poncho, not to be missed from November to March (rainy season)
  • Camera

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