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Uros Taquile Amantani 3 Days

Uros Taquile Amantani 3 Days

Uros Taquile Amantani 3 Days

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Best Uros Taquile Amantani & Sillustani  3 Days.

A three-day vacation package covering the highlights of Puno-Lake Titicaca. An afternoon tour of Chulpas of Sillustani, and then wake the next day to an early lake excursion to the floating Islands of Uros and Taquile Island. Book The Best Uros Taquile Amantani 3 Days.

3-Days Uros Taquile Amantani.

travel with us on this unforgettable Uros Taquile Amantani 3 Days adventure and discover the eternal charm of the Uros, Taquile and Amantani islands, where tradition meets tranquility in the middle of the sparkling waters of Lake Titicaca.


Trip Details

Details abour 3-Days Uros Taquile Amantani.

  • Day 1: Tour to Sillustani
  • Day 2: Tour Uros – Taquile Islands.
  • Day 3: Transfer out to Airport, Train or Bus Station.



Day 1: Tour to Sillustani

Sillustani & Uros Taquile Amantani 3 Days.

Arrival to Puno, depend of the time of arrival either at the airport in Juliaca “Inca Manco Capac” and/or Bus or Train Station in Puno, we will be waiting for bring your hotel in Puno. The tour starts with the pick up from the respective hotels, then we will go to the archaeological complex of Sillustani located 33km from the city of Puno.

During the trip our guide will explain about the history and origin of the city of Puno and the silluastani tombs that belong to the Kolla culture (1200 -1450) that developed in the northern part of the lagoon known as hatuncolla.when we arrival will have a walk in the archaeological site of sillustani.

which was built in the XII century by a civilization that occupied the area before the Inca domain. the creators of the imposing funerary towers know that they belonged to the Kolla culture. the most imposing towers were built for the chiefs and important priests.

Considered by the locals as sacred sites where ceremonial activities and rituals are still carried out. We will have free time to rest and take pictures next to the UMAYO lagoon.After our visit of the archaeological site we will descend to visit the HATUMCOLLA.

Community, where we will appreciate directly the difference of the South American camelids (Alpaca, Suri, Llama) finally we will visit the rural houses of families, where they will show us their handicrafts, typical food, traditional activities and clothing.Then back to Puno.



Day 2: Tour Uros - Taquile Islands.

Day 2- Classic Uros Taquile Amantani 3 Days,

07:50am. Pick up from hotel for transfers to the port of Puno, after boarding our boat to the floating islands of the uros, amantani and taquile. As the first destination we will visit the islands of Uros, which is 7km. 30 min. by boat from Puno.

We will visit 2 of the 90 islands where we will learn about their way of life and history, customs, activities of each family. The main activity is handicrafts, tourism and artisanal fishing.During the visit our guide will explain us about the construction of the floating islands.

How they are made of totora reeds, the native families will invite us to take an additional ride on their typical totora reed boat, the tour lasts 20 min (optional). Then we go to the Amantani island (2hrs.45min.) by boat when we arrival the family awaits for Us.

To invite to their home and show their way of life and the tasting of their typical food (family lunch) in the afternoon we will ascend to the temples PACHAPATA and PACHAMAMA where we can appreciate the majestic panoramic view of the sunset of Lake Titicaca.

Then we will descend to the main square where each family will take us back to the Lodge, then we will have dinner with the family and participate in a welcome party offered by the community.

  • Overnight in Amantani

Day 3: Transfer out to Airport, Train or Bus Station.

Day 3-Uros, Amantani, Taquile Island and Sillustani.

After the typical breakfast, we will continue to the Taquile Island. when arrival, we will have 40-minute walk to reach the main square of the town where we will have direct contact with the locals people, our guide will explain about they history, typical clothing, the main activities and customs of the community.

12:00, lunch time in tourist restaurant with a view of the lake. afther we will have time to visit the surroundings and learn about its traditional stone arches.
finally we will descend to the main port of Taquile where our boat awaits for us to return to Puno.




  • Pick up from the hotel to the port Puno
  • Bilingual Guide
  • Tickets the islands of Uros Amantani and taquile
  • Tourist boat
  • Accommodation in family houses
  • 1 Lunch + 1 Dinner + 1 Amantani typical breakfast

No Included

  • Uros traditional boat ride
  • 1 Lunch on the second day in Taquile
  • Extra transfer in case of hotels outside the city center
  • Traditional Peña (not available due to POSTC biosecurity)…
  • Hotel in Puno
  • IGV
  • Extras

What To Bring

You should note that the weather is usually very cold most of the year, both during the day and at night, ranging from 41 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why it is important to bring a good waterproof coat and wool pants. In the islands, you can acquire the traditional chullos: Andean wool hats woven by hand with bright colors and designs.

Be aware that there are no food stores on the islands, so you should bring a bottle of water and some kind of snack with you to calm your hunger. For the same reason, it is good to bring personal hygiene items as well. Also, remember to bring extra batteries for your photo and video camera. Finally, if you decide to stay with a local family for the night, it is a good gesture of appreciation to bring them a gift such as school supplies or perishable food.

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