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Uros Amantani Taquile 2 Days

Uros Amantani Taquile 2 Days

Uros Amantani Taquile 2 Days

from $ 120.00


This Uros Amantani Taquile 2 Days promises an immersive and unforgettable adventure, full of cultural immersion, natural beauty and authentic encounters with the indigenous communities of Lake Titicaca. It is an experience that offers a deeper appreciation of the rich traditions, vibrant cultures and stunning landscapes of the Andean highlands, leaving travelers with cherished memories of the time spent exploring this remarkable region.


  • Floating : Witness the extraordinary Uros Floating Islands, ingeniously crafted using totora reeds. Learn about the traditional construction methods and the symbiotic relationship between the Uros people and Lake Titicaca.
  • Cultural Exchange: Engage with the Uros residents, gaining insights into their daily lives, customs, and the significance of the lake in their cultural identity.

Amantani Island:

  • Homestay Experience: Immerse yourself in the heart of Amantani with an authentic homestay. Connect with a local family, sharing meals and experiencing the genuine warmth of Andean hospitality.
  • Traditional Cuisine: Indulge in delicious, locally sourced meals, providing a taste of Amantani’s unique culinary heritage.

Taquile Island:

  • Inca Terraces: Explore the captivating landscapes of Taquile, adorned with ancient Inca and pre-Inca terraced fields. Marvel at the agricultural prowess of the islanders and the stunning views of Lake Titicaca.
  • Textile Traditions: Witness the intricate textile craftsmanship of Taquile’s artisans. Admire the vibrant clothing that tells stories of cultural heritage and identity.

Cultural Immersion:

  • Hands-on Activities: Participate in hands-on activities such as weaving, dancing, or traditional ceremonies. Experience the rich cultural tapestry of the islands through direct engagement with local customs.
  • Community Connection: Forge connections with indigenous communities, gaining a deeper understanding of their way of life, challenges, and celebrations.


Trip Details

Day 1: Uros Floating Islands and Amantani Homestay


  • Your adventure begins with a boat ride to the Uros Floating Islands, where the indigenous Uros people have crafted islands entirely from totora reeds. Learn about their traditional way of life, unique customs, and the construction of these floating marvels.


  • Continue your journey to Amantani Island, a tranquil paradise in the middle of Lake Titicaca. Upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed by the locals and introduced to your host family for a genuine homestay experience.
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch prepared with local ingredients, providing a taste of the region’s culinary delights.


  • Immerse yourself in the cultural exchange with your host family. Participate in traditional activities, such as weaving or dancing, and gain insight into their daily lives.
  • As the sun sets over the lake, savor a home-cooked dinner with your host family, offering a true taste of Andean hospitality.

Day 2: Taquile Island and Return to Puno


  • After a hearty breakfast with your Amantani host family, embark on a boat journey to Taquile Island, known for its well-preserved Inca and pre-Inca terraced fields. Marvel at the stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains during the boat ride.


  • Explore the charming village of Taquile, known for its skilled textile artisans. Witness the locals’ intricate weaving techniques and colorful traditional clothing.
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, sampling Taquile’s unique flavors and taking in the panoramic views.


  • Return to Puno on a scenic boat ride, reflecting on the enriching experiences of the past two days.
  • Arrive in Puno in the late afternoon, concluding your 2-day journey through the wonders of Lake Titicaca.


Day 01: the Floating Islands of the Uros.

In this tour we will visit the Floating Islands of the Uros, taking a comfortable boat from the port of Puno in 30 minuts. After  we visit 2 floating islands in the Uros, where we will continue with the trip to the island of Amantani (2 ½ hours )  we will arrive at noon, upon our arrival we will be cordially received by local families.

Accompanied by the families we will walk (30 mins uphill) to the local houses of Amantani, where we will have typical Andean food of the island. After  we have time for rest, then we will hike to the top of the island to see the Inca ceremonial temples “Pachamama and Pachatata”.

After appreciating the beautiful views of the lake , we will wait to see one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Finally we will return to have dinner in the local houses, during the night the families will organize a welcome party (Optional) where we will be able to dance and wear the local clothing, all this accompanied by local musicians.

Day 2: Amantani and Taquile.

We start the day having a typical breakfast and then descend to the port of Amantani (8am approx), to take our boat to the Island of Taquile, where we will have a presentation of their dances, textiles, handicrafts and more customs by the people of Taquile; We will also enjoy a typical lunch, in addition to being able to contemplate the beautiful views of the lake and the island.

Finally we will go down to the port of Taquile (01:00 pm.)  then return to Puno where we will arrive around  at 03:30 pm. Aprox.


  • Transfers Hotel – Port – Hotel.
  • Motor Boat (with toilet and bus seats).
  • Professional Spanish/English speaking guide.
  • Entrances fees.
  • Basic accommodation + (lunch, dinner and breakfast) in Amantani mainly Andean food (potatoes, rice, eggs, quinoa soup, goose, cheese, etc.)
  • 2lunches,1dinner,1breakfast

No Included

  • Tips
  • Local boat ride (Balsa de Totora) in Uros (optional service), lasts approximately 10 to 15 minutes, the price is (S/10.00 soles) or ($3.00 Dollars) per person and the payment is to the villager.
  • Others not mentioned.

What To Bring

  • Wear light and warm clothes, the weather in the morning is cold, at noon it is warm and windy in the afternoon.
  • Wear a hat and / or sunscreen.
  • Comfortable shoes for the walk.
  • Cash if you want to buy souvenirs, do not accept credit / debit cards.
  • Drinks and snacks.
  • Bring personal hygiene items.
  • Important: Try to carry only the essential minimum, since it is only 1 night, you can leave large suitcases at your hotel (one backpack per person or a small suitcase is recommended).


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