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Tunupa Volcano Uyuni Salt Flat 4 Days

Tunupa Volcano Uyuni Salt Flat  4 Days

Tunupa Volcano Uyuni Salt Flat 4 Days

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Bolivia Salt Flat Tunupa Volcano 4 Days.

This Tunupa Volcano Uyuni Salt Flat 4 Days promises you an unforgettable adventure through one of the most impressive landscapes on Earth. Located in Bolivia, this trip offers a combination of natural wonders, cultural experiences and impressive views such as the surrounding Volcanoes and the natural landscape of Bolivia’s High Andes.

Uyuni Salt Flat & Tunupa 4 Days.

Enjoy with us in this exciting hikes, scenic drives, and off-the-beaten-path adventures, making memories to last a lifetime in this remote and enchanting corner of the world.


  • Breathtaking Landscapes: Encounter some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes on Earth, from the expansive salt flat to the towering peaks of Tunupa Volcano and the colorful lakes of the Andean highlands.
  • Cultural Exploration: Gain a deeper understanding of the indigenous culture and heritage of the region, through interactions with local communities and visits to historical sites.
  • Photographic Opportunities: Capture unforgettable moments and stunning vistas at every turn, as the unique landscapes of the Uyuni Salt Flat and surrounding areas provide endless photo opportunities.
  • Adventure and Exploration: Embark on exciting hikes, scenic drives, and off-the-beaten-path adventures, making memories to last a lifetime in this remote and enchanting corner of the world.

Trip Details

Day 1: Arrival in Uyuni

  • Train Cemetery: Explore the eerie yet fascinating Train Cemetery where rusting locomotives from Bolivia’s past are scattered across the desert, offering a glimpse into the country’s industrial history.
  • Town of Uyuni: Immerse yourself in the local culture of Uyuni, a small town with a laid-back atmosphere and charming streets.

Day 2: Uyuni Salt Flat – Isla Incahuasi

  • Uyuni Salt Flat: Experience the awe-inspiring vastness and surreal beauty of the Uyuni Salt Flat, the largest salt flat in the world, stretching as far as the eye can see.
  • Isla Incahuasi: Explore this unique island rising from the salt flat, adorned with towering cacti and offering panoramic views of the endless white expanse.

Day 3: Tunupa Volcano and Coquesa Village

  • Tunupa Volcano: Embark on a journey to the base of Tunupa Volcano, an ancient and iconic landmark of the region, offering stunning vistas of the surrounding landscape.
  • Coquesa Village: Discover the indigenous culture and traditions of Coquesa Village nestled at the foot of Tunupa Volcano, with its rustic charm and hospitable locals.
  • Hike and Cave Paintings: Trek up the slopes of Tunupa Volcano to encounter ancient cave paintings and geological formations, providing insights into the region’s rich history and natural wonders.
  • Sunset Over Uyuni: Witness the breathtaking spectacle of the sunset casting vibrant hues over the Uyuni Salt Flat from the vantage point of Tunupa Volcano, creating a mesmerizing scene to end the day.

Day 4: Laguna Colorada and Return to Uyuni

  • Laguna Colorada: Marvel at the surreal beauty of Laguna Colorada, a vivid red-colored lake adorned with flamingos, set amidst the stunning backdrop of the Andean landscape.
  • Scenic Drive: Enjoy the scenic drive back to Uyuni, traversing through diverse landscapes of rugged terrain, snow-capped peaks, and expansive desert vistas.
  • Cultural Immersion: Throughout the journey, immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of the Andean region, interacting with locals and gaining insights into their way of life.




Day 1: Uyuni Salt Flat – Tahua (09:00 – 18:00)

Reception in airport or hotel, we start the tour in 4×4 vehicle (private) visited the Train Cemetery, visit the town of Colchani, walk through a rudimentary salt processing plant. Visit the small local market where you can buy salt crafts made by the locals. Entrance to the largest salt flat in the world, an incredible journey observing the salt pyramids, salt eyes and the first salt hotel now a place museum, then enjoy a lunch in the middle of the salt. We follow the tour of Incahuasi Island, walking in the middle of petrified coral, observing numerous millenary giant cactuses, from the top of the island you can see a wonderful panoramic landscape of the salt. (Trekking 1 hour) Toast: In the middle of the salt flat, to enjoy an indescribable sunset. (Champagne, chips, cookies, chocolates, peanuts, olives, cheese, coffee, mate). Arrival to the town of Tahua, accommodation in Hotel of Salt

Food:    Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Hotel:   Of Sal (Tayka Network)

Day 02: Tahua - Tunupa Volcano Rise – Tahua (09:00 – 17:00)

After breakfast we start the tours in the vehicle and go to the gazer (3982 m.a.s.l) and look at the mummies of the Tunupa volcano. Accompanied by a local guide we begin the ascent to the Tunupa volcano, lunch box, from the top you can see the panoramic view, arrival and accommodation in Hotel de Sal.

Food: Breakfast, lunch box and dinner.

Hotel: of Salt (Tayka)

Day 03: Tahua – Perdiz s Eyes (07:30 – 17:30)

Very early we will see the sunrise, in the middle of the salt. To then return to the hotel for breakfast. Breakfast, trip through unusual landscapes such as the Army of Stone, point of entry to the Chiguana Salt Flat, a large borax deposit. Continue the journey and visit a valley of petrified lava with formations that still show movement and allow you to imagine past events. From this point, admire the only semi-active volcano in the area, the Ollague Volcano. Lunch in Route. Continuing with the tour we visit the high plateau lagoons, where the Cañapa Lagoon and Smelly Lagoon stand out, for the flamingos that walk along the banks of the lagoons.
Entrance to the Siloli Desert and accommodation in the desert hotel.

Food:    Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Hotel:   Perdiz’s Eye (Tayka).

Day 04: Perdiz‘s Eyes – Uyuni (06:30 – 18:00)

Breakfast and departure from Hotel to the Stone Tree. Continuing through the Desert to the western part of Colored Lagoon, the most important site for the nesting of 3 classes of South American flamingos ideal for photographs by the beautiful panorama of reddish waters with flamingos flying over its surface. Visit to the Fumaroles morning sun and continue on the way to Polques, so if you wish, you can take a dip in the hot springs of this region. Lunch in route, trip through the Dalí Desert with its fabulous ignimbrite forms, to Green Lagoon at the foot of the Licancabur Volcano (5910 m.a.s.l.) transfer to Uyuni.

Food: Breakfast, lunch

Hotel: Not included


• Transport, private jeep 4×4.
• Driver / Spanish speaking guide for transfers, visits and tours.
• Cook / chef
• Hotels mentioned or similar, with breakfast included in the schedules of each hotel.
• Meals according to itinerary.
• Equipment for lunch, tables, chairs, umbrella, etc.
• Snack
• Water.
• Oxygen.

No Included

  • • Services not specified in the program.
  • • Drinks and / or meals, not specified.
  • • Language guide: English or French (additional cost USD 55.- Day / 1-4 Pax.)
  •  Entrances to parks and community enterprises (Cost per person)
  • USD. 4,5 = Gazer Tunupa volcano
  • USD. 4,5 = Incahuasi Island
  • USD. 2,8 = Galaxies Grotto
  • USD. 22 = Parque Eduardo Avaroa
  • USD. 1 = Thermal waters (Polques)
  • Guide to the Tunupa volcano. (Per group of 1-6 PAX)
  • USD. 73 = Guide ascent to the Tunupa volcano
  • Climbing equipment to the volcano (canes, crampons, etc.)
  • Personal expenses. (Bathrooms, cigarettes, etc.).
  • Insurance medical and life
  • Tips.


  • The program is valid for the period mentioned above, except during holidays and special dates in Bolivia.
  •  The itinerary may change for reasons beyond our control.
  •  The passenger must inform of any limitation or physical insufficiency, pre-existing medical conditions, as well as special nutritional requirements (vegetarians, allergies, etc.)

What To Bring

  • Sunglasses, gloves, scarf, sunscreen, lip balm.
  • Warm clothes: pants and thermal jackets.
  • Shoes or comfortable shoes.
  • Hats for the sun and hats for the cold.
  • Bathing suit, towels (hot springs).

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