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Tiwanaku Ruins Full Day

1 Day

23 reviews
Tiwanaku Ruins Full Day

Tiwanaku Ruins Full Day

1 Day

23 reviews


Duration: Approximately 8 hours

Difficulty: Not Difficult

Perfect For: All ages, history buffs, and cultural explorers
Note: This tour has the option of being a private or shared experience. Please let us know which you would prefer when booking.


Learn about the culture the pre-dated the Inca Empire by more than 1000 years Marvel at the exceptional workmanship of the ancient Tiwanaku civilization,Visit the mysterious monoliths at Pumapunku Feel the spirituality that still embrace the ruins built in reverence to Mother Earth

Trip Details

Duration: Half Day
Difficulty: Not Difficult



Your tour will begin with a private pickup from your hotel at 08:00. The hour-long ride to Tiwanaku will take you on a scenic journey through the High Plateau. Along the way we will pass by the imposing Andes Mountain Range as well as get the opportunity to observe the more traditional, countryside way of life. On Wednesdays it is also possible to make a brief stop at Quellani and witness the weekly cattle market, a dying tradition in this part of the world. Upon arrival at the UNESCO designated ruins of Tiwanaku we will first visit the Lithic and Ceramic Museums, designed to communicate to visitors the impressive history of the pre-Incan Tiwanaku civilization.

Following our quick museum tour, we will head to the main attraction: the Tiwanaku ruins. At the archeological site we will explore the cultures main temples including the Pyramid of Akapana and Kalasasya as well as the inspiring Gateways to the Sun and Moon. In addition to the traditional examples of Tiwanaku architecture, giant monoliths and figurative representations are scattered throughout the archeological complex. What is perhaps most impressive about Tiwanaku is the incredible skill and craftsmanship needed to create such architecture. Huge stone blocks weighing as much as 45 tons each are placed with such precision that not a single gap between one to the next exists. The sculptures too are worthy of modern day appreciation- intricate details of both the people and the gods can be seen on the spiritual figures the Tiwanaku revered. A trip to Tiwanaku is more than just a walk through history; it is a breathtaking testament to an ancient civilization that was far advanced beyond their years.

After marveling at the impressive archeological ruins, you will be served a full lunch at a delicious nearby café and then continue on to explore the fascinating Sukakollus irrigation system; responsible for creating a year round humid climate ideal for agriculture in the arid high plateau land. Additionally, you will get the chance to visit Pumapunku, known for huge monolith stone structures that are still a mystery to archeologists today. Beyond the temple structure, the full day tour to Tiwanaku will also take you on a visit to the traditional local town. Today, the village that was once the capital of the powerful pre-Incan civilization that ruled the region is home to an indigenous community who still lives in the ways and guards the secrets of old. On our tour we will visit the city’s 17th century church, constructed of the very stone of which the main ruins were built.

At approximately 14:30 we will depart Tiwanaku and head back towards La Paz on the picturesque road cutting through the High Plateau. For those who want an impressive photo-op, your driver can make a few scenic stops along the way. You will return to Hotel Rosario at around 16:00 where your tour will end.


Private transportation, bilingual tour guide (Spanish-English), all entrance fees and lunch.

No Included


What To Bring

Sunscreen, sunglasses, comfortable shoes and a windbreaker or jacket.

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