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Q’eswachaka Incas Bridge Day Tour

Q’eswachaka Incas Bridge Day Tour

Q’eswachaka Incas Bridge Day Tour

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Q’eswachaka  Bridge Tour

Enjoy with us this  Q’eswachaka Incas Bridge Day Tour adventure that combines cultural exploration and natural beauty as you visit the iconic Q’eswachaka Bridge, a living testament to Inca engineering, and explore the enchanting 4 Lagoons in the highlands of Peru.The Q’eswachaka Bridge and 4 Lagoons Full Day Tour offers a perfect blend of cultural immersion and natural exploration, creating a memorable and enriching experience in the heart of the Peruvian Andes.

This Q’eswachaka Incas Bridge Day Tour, begins with an immersive exploration of the Andean highlands, where travelers learn about the region’s rich cultural heritage. They have the opportunity to visit local communities, learn about traditional weaving techniques, and participate in Andean rituals and ceremonies. This cultural immersion sets the stage for the highlight of the trip: the Q’eswachaka Bridge.


  1. Q’eswachaka Bridge Experience: Witness the engineering marvel of the Q’eswachaka Bridge and learn about the traditional methods used in its construction, preserving ancient Inca techniques.
  2. Cultural Immersion: Engage with local communities and participate in cultural demonstrations, gaining a deeper understanding of Andean traditions and rituals.
  3. 4 Lagoons Scenic Beauty: Explore the breathtaking 4 Lagoons, each offering a unique perspective of the Andean highlands and providing a serene setting for nature appreciation.
  4. High-Altitude Trekking: Enjoy a trek through the high-altitude landscapes, surrounded by panoramic views of mountains, valleys, and pristine bodies of water.
  5. Picnic Lunch with Mountain Views: Experience a picnic lunch in a scenic spot, savoring traditional Andean flavors while relishing the stunning mountainous backdrop.
  6. Nature and Wildlife Observation: Observe the unique flora and fauna of the Andean highlands, gaining insights into the ecosystems that thrive at high altitudes.

Trip Details

  • Hightes altitude: 3,700 m
  • Type Tour: History, culture, adventure
  • Total walking distance: 4.4 km
  • Weather: Warm, Wendy, cold,

1. Early Departure from Cusco: The day begins with an early departure from Cusco, heading towards the picturesque Andean countryside. As you travel, enjoy panoramic views of the mountains and traditional villages that punctuate the landscape.

2. Scenic Drive to Q’eswachaka Bridge: Arrive at the Q’eswachaka Bridge, a marvel of Inca engineering that spans the Apurimac River. Learn about the history and significance of this traditional rope bridge, which has been skillfully handwoven by local communities using ancient techniques.

3. Cultural Exploration at Q’eswachaka: Immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of the Andean people as you witness demonstrations of the bridge-building process. Engage with the local communities, gaining insights into their traditions, rituals, and the symbolic importance of the Q’eswachaka Bridge.

4. Trek to the 4 Lagoons: After exploring the Q’eswachaka area, embark on a trek to the nearby 4 Lagoons, situated amid the stunning landscapes of the high Andes. The trail offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

5. 4 Lagoons Exploration: Arrive at the 4 Lagoons, each reflecting the beauty of the Andean highlands. Take in the tranquility of these pristine bodies of water, surrounded by the grandeur of the natural landscape.

6. Picnic Lunch with Mountain Views: Enjoy a picnic lunch at one of the scenic viewpoints overlooking the 4 Lagoons. This is an opportune moment to relax, savor the flavors of traditional Andean cuisine, and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds you.

7. Nature and Wildlife Observation: Explore the area around the 4 Lagoons, observing the diverse flora and fauna that thrive in this high-altitude environment. Your guide will provide insights into the unique ecosystems of the Andean highlands.

8. Return Journey to Cusco: Conclude your full-day expedition by beginning the return journey to Cusco. Reflect on the cultural discoveries and natural wonders encountered during your exploration of the Q’eswachaka Bridge and 4 Lagoons.



Day 1

05:30 hrs Mobility will address from Cusco to the town of Pomacanchi where we will have a panoramic view of the 4 lagoons, Pomacanchi, Acopia, Asnascocha, Pampamarca, being this very historic place since the beginning of the rebellion of José Gabriel Condorcanqui known as Tupac Amaru II.

After appreciating various landscapes of the high Andean, you will arrive at the Last Inca Bridge of Q’eswachaca, you will have the reception by the community where you will participate in the elaboration of ropes made with straw or ichu.

Finally you will have the experience of crossing the Apurimac River through the ancient bridge.

Free time to appreciate the wonderful place.

Return to Cusco at approximately 5:30 p.m.


  • Tourist Mobility.
  • Tour guide.
  • Box Lunch.
  • Assistance during the excursion
  • Tour in shared service

No Included

  • Travel insurance
  • Feeding
  • Tips


Height of Queswachaca inca brige.
The Inca bridge of Queswachaca. It is located at an altitude of approximately 3700 meters above sea level and the bridge is at a height of 30 meters above the Apurimac river.

Climate of the inca brige Queswachaca?
Queswachaca has a temperate-cold climate. The average temperature per year is 22°C to -5°C in the early morning. There are two distinct seasons during the year, the dry months (April to October), with temperatures ranging from -5°C to 22°C. The rainy months (November to March), in these dates the temperature is from -3°C to 19°C.

How to get to Queswachaca inca Bridge.
To get to this beautiful and impressive Inca bridge known as Q’eswachaca we have the following options:

1st option go on your own.
To take this option you will have to hire a private transport service or cab. You can take it from any point of the city of Cusco (essential requirement that you know the route, there are few who really know the route). Also, you can ask for a recommendation at the reception of your accommodation and thus be able to hire a reliable and safe car.

The transportation will take you to the district of Qhehue where the famous Inca bridge of Queswachaca is located. During the trip, we will pass through different landscapes that will leave you impressed. The travel time from Cusco to Qhehue is approximately 3 hours, which is worth the wait. When we arrive at the Inca bridge of Queswachaca, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful construction and take pictures.

If you make the visit on your own, it is recommended that you bring the necessary food. It will take you a whole day to make this trip. On the way you will only find small stores where you can buy cookies and sodas (drinks). The approximate cost of hiring a private service will be 250 soles from the departure from Cusco to the return.

2nd option Hiring a travel agency
This option is the most recommendable, safe and affordable in price. They will be in charge of organizing your visit. In addition to visiting the beautiful Queswachaca bridge, they will make a tour of the beautiful lagoons along the way such as: Pampamarca Lagoon, Asnacqocha, Acopia and Pomacanchi, having the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful fauna and flora.

What To Bring

Bring a towel, medications and personal hygiene items, sneakers or hiking shoes, flashlight with batteries and spare bulbs, hat or cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent (recommended with 40% or more of DEET) , raincoat, long-sleeved shirts and cotton pants, warm clothes in case of cold weather, binoculars, camera, luggage backpack and small backpack.

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