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Nasca – Cantalloc Aqueducts Half Day

23 reviews
Nasca – Cantalloc Aqueducts Half Day

Nasca – Cantalloc Aqueducts Half Day

23 reviews


The Nazca culture was a civilization that was able to dominate this arid desert thanks to the development of a work of hydraulic engineering.


Hydraulic engineering work built by the ancient Nasca. Of the 46 aqueducts found, 32 are still in operation today. For its construction, slab stone and huarango trunks were used, which have resisted the passage of time. Thanks to their technological knowledge, the ancient inhabitants of Nasca were able to capture subway water to irrigate dry areas and thus combat prolonged droughts


Trip Details

  • Altitude: 560 msnm (1837 fees)
  • Temperature: From Juanuary to March 29°C- 18°C // from April to December 26°C – 15°C
  • Weather: Warm and desert climate
  • Activity level: Relaxing


City Tour Nasca - Cantalloc Aqueducts & Paredones

We Will travel to  Cantalloc in Nazca, Cantalloc aqueduts are built in different parts of the valley they were made with flagstones, boulders and Huarango logs to capture groundwater. One of the best preserved are the Cantalloc Aqueducts.

Then we will visit the Paredones, which is located 3 km from the city of Nazca. It was an Inca Administrative center dating from approximately 1470. The base of the construction is in adobe and was finished in stone, it was built with the purpose of exercising administrative control and maintaining a link and connection between the Coast and the Sierra.

Later we will visit the ceramic workshops, where you learn the techniques of the ancient Nasquence civilization to design their beautiful and colorful vessels and finally the Gold Workshop, to learn the whole process as the miners obtain the gold from the rocks.


  • Tourist transport.
  • Guided tour.
  • Permanent assistance.

No Included

  • Foods
  • entrance ticket to the walls and aqueducts 20 peruvian soles

What To Bring

  • Bring, water, clothing for the heat, hat and sunscreen, camera.

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