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Healing Sessions

23 reviews
Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions

23 reviews


Pick up from the hotel at 8:30 a.m. heading to the sacred valley of the Inkas to take a detour to the Inka Community of Amaru (snake) to then have the reception with the inhabitants of the community with music made with typical instruments such as: Quenas, Tinyas, and the millenary Pututo (instrument made from the sea snail), to receive the greeting of the chief of the community (Chunca Camayoc).

Then we will continue with the sample of agricultural products such as potato varieties, corn, and others, we will also go to the field to learn about the medicinal plants used in natural medicine, once collected, we will go to a house of medicine (hanpina wasi) where we will show the combination of plants for use against diseases and accidents common work in agriculture.


The entire region is filled with strong natural energy, certain places have also a traditional mystic relevance. Several ancient rituals can be done here, like Ayahuasca and San Pedro (peyote) sessions. You can also do spiritual tourism in Cusco!



After the traditional medicine demonstration, we will go to a small agricultural plot where we will learn the use of ancestral Inca instruments used for agriculture such as the chaquitaclla, the Cutic, the Quituchi, after the demonstration we will go to the dining room (mijuna wasi) to taste typical dishes of the community based on completely natural and organic products (buffet service or at the request of visitors).

Then we will continue the visit to the natural wool dyeing workshop, always with the use of ecological products such as plants, minerals and clays, then we will visit the weaving workshop where you can see the weaving techniques, finally you can visit the production center where you can buy at an affordable price any handicraft made by women and children of the community, so you will collaborate for the progress of the community.

Finally there will be a spiritual ceremony (voluntary) accompanied by the entire community with spiritual chants where one of the Huillca Umas will contact between the universe (Wiracocha) and the guest, to make the manifestation, according to the desire and request of the guest (often manifested in the form of cleaning the aura, other times it is manifested in help for health, or help for couples, etc.). ) all spiritual manifestations are with the use of white flowers and olive oil as a symbol of cleansing and pact between the guest and the universal force (Wiracocha). At the end of the whole spiritual experience, we will continue with the explanation of the colors of the rainbow (Q’uichi in the Inka language) and then make known the color that corresponds to each of the guests, and explain what it will represent in their lives, Then we will proceed to thank the universe for all this experience and receive a book with all the explanation of the rainbows and the natural laws that govern the entire universe, finally the whole community will say goodbye to the visitors with songs and ancestral Andean music and then take our mobility and return to the city of Cusco and our hotel.


  • Round trip transportation
  • Professional Bilingual Guide
  • Organic Lunch
  • Spiritual Guides
  • Spiritual Session

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