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Full Day Llanganuco Lake

23 reviews
Full Day Llanganuco Lake

Full Day Llanganuco Lake

23 reviews


Lake Llanganuco is one of the most beautiful  lake into the Cordillera Blanca ,this trip is ideal for visitor , who have a short time to visit our región. As a well ist used as acclimatzation.


These lagoons have an incredible beauty for many reasons; the first is for the color of the water. The second is that the lagoons are surrounded by wonderful flora. And the third reason is because are located in a glacier valley.
There are numerous tours to visit the beautiful Llanganuco Lake and its surroundings, the activities that the visitors can do there are usually, hiking and climbing to the peaks of the cordillera (including the Huascaran, Peru’s highest).

Trip Details

Duration: 1 Day
Difficulty: Easy / Moderate
Activity: Nature / Adventure
Season: All Year
Frequency: Everyday
Altitude Between: 3,100 / 3,850 m.


Day 1 Llanganuco Lake.

Departure 9:00 A.M. Visit to the north of the city of Huaraz, where we will make different stops and visits, in Anta (viewpoint) Carhuaz (tasting of ice cream based on liquor) guided tour in Campo Santo de Yungay (city buried in 1970) then we will go to the Laguna de Llanganuco (height 3,850 m) has an impressive color, cold and fresh water, quenual forests and boat ride, return lunch at a tourist restaurant, then visit the city of Caraz (Plaza de armas and tasting of the delicacy Blanco ) We will return to Tarica where we will appreciate the elaboration of clay-based ceramics (clay) and return to Huaraz.


  • Official Tourism Guide
  • Tourist transport
  • Entrance tickets
  • Personalized assistance

No Included

  • Personal travel luggage
  • Extra meals in cities
  • Tips (Driver, Guide)
  • Travel insurance


  • The weather is dry and mild, with an average temperature of 10 ° C. The recommended season to visit is from April to November, when it does not rain.

What To Bring

  • Wear appropriate clothing for the day (heat) and for the night (cold),
  • sunscreen,
  • sunglasses,
  • repellent,
  • bath clothes,
  • personal hygiene kit,
  • walking shoes,
  • camera,
  • small backpack,
  • front (flashlight-light


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