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Climb Misti Volcano 2 Days

Climb Misti Volcano 2 Days

Climb Misti Volcano 2 Days

from $ 120.00


Arequipa Misti Volcano 2 Days.

Discover with us on an exciting Climb Misti Volcano 2 Days to conquer the iconic Misti Volcano, a majestic peak that graces the Arequipa . This adventure promises not only a challenging ascent but also breathtaking views of the Andean landscapes and the city below, creating an unforgettable experience. This Alternative  offers a perfect combination of physical challenge, natural beauty and the thrill of reaching the summit. an iconic peak, creating lasting memories of an extraordinary ascent, Climbing to Misti Volcano 2 Days.This is a slow-paced hike that will last about 6 hours. At the top you will visit the crater where you will be able to observe volcanic activity…


  • ajestic Misti Panoramas: Enjoy awe-inspiring views of the surrounding Andean landscapes, including the city of Arequipa, as you ascend Misti.
  • High-Altitude Acclimatization: Acclimate strategically at the base camp, ensuring a safe and enjoyable climb to the summit.
  • Starry Night at Base Camp: Experience the enchantment of the night sky over the Andes from the base camp, surrounded by the tranquility of the high-altitude environment.
  • Sunrise Summit Experience: Reach the summit in time for a breathtaking sunrise, casting a warm glow over the volcanic peaks and revealing the vast expanse below.
  • Personal Triumph and Scenic Descent: Revel in the sense of personal triumph as you conquer Misti’s summit, and appreciate the unique volcanic landscape during the descent.

Trip Details

  • Altitud: 5822 msnm (19,100 feet)
  • Temperature: Extremely cold at night temperatures as low as -15ºC (5ºF). During the day, heat can reach 5ºC. (41ºF).
  • Difficuty level: Challenging; good physical condition
  • Tour Type: Hiking, adventure, camping
  • Duration: 2 days & 1 night
  • Hours: Pick up between 08: 00 – 08:30 am

Day 1: Arequipa – Base camp (Misti)
Day 2: Base Camp – Summit Volcano Misti – Arequipa


Day 1: Arequipa – Base camp (Misti)

At 8am. we pick-up at hotel and travel 1 1/2 hours in our four wheels drives vehicle to the base of the volcano (3400m). We arrive at the West part of the base of Misti volcano.
at 10am.

we will arrival to Los Pastores (3400 meters above sea level) which is the maximum point for our four wheel drives and begins our ascent. This is six to eight hours to the Eagles Nest base camp (4800 meters above sea level). This is a hard day as we walk up the sandy and slippery trail. You need to be in good physical condition and acclimatized to the altitude.
at 5pm. arrival to our base camp, dinner, set-up our tents and rest.

  • Difficulty of trekking: Low
  • Maximum altitude: 4800 msnm (15744 feet)


Day 2: Base Camp – Summit Volcano Misti - Arequipa

This day will start early at 4am after breakfast you will start climbing to the summit of volcano .We will follow a vertical ascent (hard and freezing) for about 6 hours, including the snow area (depending on the season) (crampons + ice axe – can be use in snow season only). The time of ascent will depend on the physical condition and acclimatization of each climber.

Once you reach the Summit, depend on the time you may descend into the old crater where it is possible to see volcano activity. Alternatively you will have a short walk over the top and around the biggest crater of this volcano. There is time for pictures as well as an opportunity to soak up the beautiful landscapes from one of the highest mountain in this volcanic chain.

You will then descend to base camp, pack up camp and descend further to find your transportation waiting for the group to return to Arequipa. Estimated arrival time to Arequipa is 2pm.

  • Difficulty of trekking: Challenging
  • Maximum altitude: 5822 msnm (19100 feet)


  • Certified Experienced Mountain English-Speaking guide
  • Porter to carry foods and camping gear (tents & mattresses – Private Service only)
  • Private four wheel drive (4×4)
  • Camping Equipment (Four seasons mountain tent and mattresses)
  • Cooking gear
  • Climbing equipment such as crampons, ice axe and rope, only if there is snow on the top
  • Meals on the Mountain (1 hot dinner – 1 hot breakfast)
  • Plenty of hot Coca tea
  • Oxygen bottle and first aid kit for the participants and our camp staff
  • Communication system, guides climb with their mobile phones
  • Tents and food for our camp staff

No Included

  • Sleeping bag -5ºC (can be hired from our office of Arequipa $10 USD per day)
  • Tip for guide and camp staff
  • Wind proof jacket or wind proof pants (can be hired from our office of Arequipa $5 USD per day each thing)
  • Water proof climbing boot (can be hired from our office of Arequipa $9 USD per day)
  • Travel insurance
  • Drinking water – 6 liters per person for 2 days
  • Breakfast on the first day/snacks
  • Headlamp gloves (Group & Semi-Private Service)
  • Extras


Difficulty ascent Misti

The first thing you have to know is that the ascent to the Misti is a moderate walk suitable for all those who have a minimum physical preparation. However, this volcano reaches 5,822 meters above sea level, so before starting the trek it is advisable to spend a couple of days in Arequipa to acclimatize to the altitude.

How to get to the volcano

To get to the Misti there are two access routes. The first of them starts from the town of Chiguata, 30 km from the city, and the second goes through the Aguada Blanca and Salinas National Reserve, where you can see animals such as vicuñas in their natural habitat.



What To Bring

  • Backpack 70Lt minimum to carry all your personal things and camping gear
    Sleeping bag -5ºC (can be hired from our office in Arequipa $10 USD per day)
  • Windproof jacket & pants
  • Headlamp with plenty of batteries
  • Strong comfortable and waterproof boots
  • One complete change of clothing
  • Sweater and thermal pants and everything you can have to be warm
    6 liters of water per person minimum (5 to drink and 1 for cooking – Except for Private Service)
  • Hat or cap and sun block to be protected from the strong sun
  • Toilet paper
  • Selection of small snacks, chocolate, dried fruit, biscuits, etc
  • Camera, plenty of film and spare batteries
  • Sunglass is strongly recommended to protect your eyes from the snow and sun
  • Your personal medications
  • Another personal items

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